Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Recap

Like I said earlier we did not spend our entire summer in Germany. It merely took me all summer to blog about the enormous fun we had on our grand adventure. We did manage to squeeze a lot of other fun into our summer, like a trip to Rome to see and play with family.

Bike night at church was big fun. Sam thought the bike was optional and was not so sure about the prizes awarded for race participation.

One of the highlights of our summer was having some friends meet us for an all day outing that began at Babyland General and later there was tubing on the Chattahoochee. The fun finished perfectly with ice cream for everyone!

We also enjoyed a great visit from some old friends, the Senkels. It was such a treat to have them make time for us in their travel schedule before the headed back to Texas. Jack & Elijah picked right up where they left off 2+ years ago when the Senkels said goodbye to their stay in the North Georgia mountains. The kids convinced us we needed a fire in the firepit despite the 90 degree temperatures, and of course s'mores quickly followed. One of the little ones even uttered the words, "this is the best day ever!"

We also made a trip to INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids) in Gainesville with Mema. The boys loved the imagination playground. The grocery store was a hit. Sam loved shopping, and Jack loved tossing everything up on the conveyer belt. Jack's favorite was the bank. He thought the fax machine and computer keyboard were awesome. They both loved the restaurant and spent forever cooking and serving.

What is summer without a trip to Goats on the Roof? Jack really loved feeding the goats that were on the rooftop, but they especially loved the goats that they could get up close and personal with. The fun ended with yummy treats Mema bought.

Just before school started, we boarded the bus with friends and took a daytrip to FernBank Museum. Jack loved the dinosaur displays. Sam just loved running free, which made for a less than optimal learning experience for big brother, but fun was definitely had. The hands-on portion of the museum was a hit, especially the giant bubble making station (read: completely messy, soapy station). We took in an IMAX film on the Artic, which was a challenge for active Sam. Our final exhibit was "the Scoop on Poop." Heralded as the #1 exhibit on #2, it was entertaining for little minds.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

When in Rome

Slightly delayed, but after we recovered from our European vacation, the little boys and I headed to Rome to spend a few days with Grandmommy, Grandaddy, Aunt Kristy, Uncle Jeff & Cousin Sean. The boys had a ball swimming, snacking, bouncing and movie watching. It was plain ole fun, but don't take my word for it...