Monday, June 2, 2014


So, I've been noticeably absent from the blog since late last year. In my defense, things have changed noticeably around here. The doors of Garrett Family Medicine opened on January 2, 2014, and we are officially self-employed. 

Sure, it's just seeing patients and helping them get better. While I didn't believe it would be that easy, I certainly didn't expect the learning curve ahead. 

While most things have settled down, it's still an adjustment for me. My responsibilities at the office are sometimes flexible and I really enjoy my time there because I truly believe we offer great care and really help people. Outside of that, it's hard to spring back into my role of full-time Mom. 

The balancing act is no joke. So, of course, the blog is one element that has taken a back seat. My hope is I'll be able to post date a bit and fill in some of the gaps, but the truth is when we're not working/managing the office, we're trying to enjoy this thing called life (whether I'm documenting it or not).

Thanks for being patient with me, friends. 

Great Outdoors

Friday afternoon we crossed family camping off the summer bucket list. It stormed off & on, so the camp site was wet & muddy. Probably even more perfect for a pair of excited, adventurous boys.

We made sure to create perfect s'mores, by any means necessary.

Nearby trails led to fun waterfall views & a thrill of exploration for Jack & Sam.

We capped off our night with Mad Libs by the fire, sparklers, bubbles & glow sticks. 

And despite the notice above, we managed to survive our adventure.