Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This past weekend I traveled to Greenville with several girlfriends and my mom to attend the Extraordinary Women conference. There were a host of speakers including comedian Chonda Pierce, Angela Thomas, Julie Clinton and author Karen Kingsbury, which was pretty much the whole reason my mom came. She (and my sister) loves Karen's books and has read pretty much every one of them.

Friday night during one of the conference breaks, mom bought two of Karen's newest books and then stepped in line to have them signed. Luckily, she spotted me coming out of the bathroom and hollered for me to come over. I was able to snag a photo of mom & Karen, who is very tall! After the break, NewSong performed. It was an uplifting concert full of several of their greatest songs.

After the session ended, we raced through the rain to the car and set out in search of the nearest Krispy Kreme (something that is at least 45 minutes away from us back home). We were able to find one about 2 miles from the Bi-Lo Center and it was packed with dozens of hungry (presumably) extraordinary women. We waited patiently and then carried a dozen piping hot doughnuts back to our room at Embassy Suites, where Andrea had gotten us a free room with her rewards. The doughnuts were better than I remember, and we stayed up late gabbing and giggling.

Six-fifteen came early the next morning, but if we wanted to take advantage of the free breakfast...we had to get going. We all managed to stumble out of the hotel and make it to the conference where we met up with the rest of our group. We were pleasantly surprised to hear Karen Kingsbury speak first. She was incredible and had the entire place (about 7,000 women) in tears when she read her book Let Me Hold You Longer. If you've read it, you know what I mean. If you haven't, you should...but make sure you have a tissue handy.

After hearing a couple more speakers, we headed home a little early...but not before a stop at Chick-fil-A for lunch/snack. Although, Jack was a bit grumpy because he's been teething and a little under the weather for the better part of a week, it was so good to see him and give him a big hug. Josh was such a trooper to give up two weekends in a row to be full-time dad/mom so I could get away for some girl time. Thanks, Josh!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In Local News...

Some of you may remember me writing a few weeks back about Jack participating in a photo shoot for an upcoming ad campaign at the hospital. Well, if you don't remember don't feel bad because it was merely a brief mention in an already brief blog entry with no pictures. That's right...one of those boring posts with no fun pictures that you all suffer through. Say what you want it was one of my "most commented on" (is that a real phrase?) posts.

Well, the ad is ready, and I'm told will begin running tomorrow. I've included a photo here, for those of you that don't live around here or locals who don't subscribe.* And for you locals, be sure to come and see how incredibly nice the newly renovated Family Birth Center is. The aesthetics now come close to matching the incredibly wonderful care and personal service you'll encounter there.**

*Shame on you, if you fall into this category. Our local newspaper is a wonderful source of information that you can't find in the AJC (which doesn't deliver around here anymore anyway...but, we won't get started on that)...not to mention the loads of humor I often find in each issue of the local paper. Finally, the newspaper is a dying art form that needs our support. Subscription rates are ridiculously low. Call today! And, no they aren't paying me to say this (not enough people actually read my blog for that to ever happen, but if you know of some way I could get paid for saying things I already would have said...please let me know!)

**No, I'm not getting paid to say that either. But, I do speak from experience.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Best Nap Ever

I think I had the best nap of my life yesterday afternoon. Just thinking about it sort of returns me to the sheer bliss! I guess I have to set up the story, so you can learn how to also achieve the best nap ever. It all starts with a ridiculously fun weekend.

Friday afternoon our MOPS group left for our retreat in Clayton at Camp Pinnacle. My mom graciously agreed to come and watch Jack until Josh was home from work. Later that evening Josh's buddy Ben and his son Ben Jr. would be coming up for the weekend. After our steering team made a stop at the SUPER Wal-Mart in Clayton for much needed supplies (ie. Oreos, Reese's PB Eggs, Cokes, Candy...), we got settled in the cabin at Camp Pinnacle. Once the moms began to arrive, we split into teams and began a scavenger hunt around Clayton. There were a few items to collect, but the majority of the hunt involved capturing photos of places or things taking place. It was oh so much fun.

Later we met for dinner at Mama G's and then retired to the cabin. Only there wasn't much retiring. Most of us stayed up pretty late playing games, laughing, snacking and then crept into our sleeping bags for a couple hours of rest before our 7:30 wake-up call. We enjoyed yummy Chick-n-minis and cinnamon clusters from Chick-fil-A before returning home...making the early departure much easier.

Once home, I joined the boys (Josh, Jack, Ben & Ben) for their late breakfast. Soon after Ben headed to pick up Wendy. The rest of us stayed and played. Ben, Jr. & Jack took a bubble bath, which Jack enjoyed until we turned the jets on. Then he was done! After he got out, we turned them back on and let the bath become a tub of frothy bubbles. Ben, Jr. loved it. Then, we all headed to Chuck E. Cheese.

I thought there might be a chance that Jack would hate CEC and we would then have an excuse to never go back. It's actually not that bad, but Saturday afternoons are pretty much the worst! At least we didn't encounter any vomit! Anyway, Jack loved CEC! He devoured the pizza. Oh, and thanks to daddy we discovered he likes root beer too.

Sunday the Pucketts joined us at church. We enjoyed an awesome lunch at Hawg Wild. Love that place and it's incredible sweet potato fries. After the Pucketts departed for home around 2:45, Josh set out to mow the front yard. I put Jack down for a much-needed nap. I quickly studied up for my KidzLife duties at church then crawled in bed myself. I remember waking up when Josh came in about 20 minutes later, but he didn't bother waking me again when he left for drama practice at church. Thankfully, I did wake up in plenty of time to make it to church by 5:30, but it was one of the best naps ever. I'm pretty sure there was drool to prove it! LOL!

You can read more about my MOPS Retreat here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cool - Whip

So, guess who likes cool-whip?

That's right. But, only when he's in charge of the spoon!

Doesn't this just look like ultimate happiness?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somebunny is a very good friend!

I had a board meeting at the hospital today. I asked Jenn, a sweet friend who has two little ones of her own if she would mind adding another to her crew for a couple of hours. She happily agreed. After his fun-filled time with Ms. Jenn, Davis & Carson, I wasn't sure if Jack would want to come home.

Not only did they craft, eat yummy lunch (including fresh blueberries!) & play outside, but Jenn managed to capture much of it in pictures. Very good pictures, I might add! Thank you greatly, Jenn. You are a wonderful mom and a sweet friend. I'm looking forward to our fun time in Greenville next weekend.

Best of all, Jenn invited us back. They have a wonderful property with a creek and lots of room for boys to roam. Now that the weather is warming, we look forward to more fun with Davis & Carson. I also look forward to repaying Jenn's favor, although I can't promise crafts and fresh blueberries...I'll do my best! Jenn, We'd love to have your kiddos anytime...especially if you and Shane want to see a certain movie :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Let me count the ways...

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart husband! Josh turns 32 today. In some ways it's hard to believe we've celebrated your last 11 birthdays together. In other ways, I can't really remember not celebrating on March 16. I thought I'd compile a list of just some of the reasons I love you in honor of you embarking on your third year of a 30 something. (How does it feel, old man? Hate to keep reminding you, but you married a much younger woman...who is still rocking the 20s.)

32 reasons I love you & reasons you are the best:

1. You always say "This is great," while we are eating one of my home-cooked meals (even if it's out of a box)!
2. You are taller than me.
3. You like symmetry.
4. You tolerate my obsession for Chick-fil-A and Target with the most loving attitude. (There could be worse things to be addicted to, right?)
5. You make fun of me.
6. But you laugh hardest when I make fun of you!
7. You love learning new things (which works out well, because I'd rather just know right now!)
8. You are the best daddy.
9. I love watching you play and wrestle around with Jack (although I have to leave the room when the throwing him in the air to land on a pile of pillows begins)!
10. You don't mind watching stupid tv shows with me.
11. You have a great sense of style with your wardrobe.
12. You always listen to the ridiculously long stories about my day (wait, so do the folks that read my blog!)
13. You encourage me to try new things (food, hobbies, whatever it is)
14. You work hard.
15. You miss me and Jack when you are away from home all day and you tell us so.
16. You don't mind changing diapers.
17. And, I don't usually have to ask you to change a diaper.
18. You always let me get the mail.
19. You let me use your Blackberry to check my email when we are out of town.
20. You kiss me goodbye every morning.
21. The first thing you do when you get home is find me and give me a hug and a kiss.
22. You don't take for granted time spent with family.
23. You love college football.
24. You hate hockey highlights on SportCenter.
25. You always tell me, "Laura, you're the best!"
26. You make lists. (It has rubbed off on me!)
27. You plan ahead for almost everything.
28. You like to drive and always do so when we travel. (Meaning I get to read or check my email...see #19)
29. I can always count on you to do what I need.
30. You always call when you are headed home to make sure we don't need anything.
31. You read our blog (and if I pester you enough, write on it!)
32. After nearly 11 years, you still make me laugh every day.

Happy Birthday, sweetie! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Of course, it was fluke!

Such a tease, Spring. I should have known. I'm guessing my heart-felt letter was not enough to keep you around. My computer says it's 48 degrees outside. A drastic change from the 70s we enjoyed late last week and earlier this week.

Well, Spring...here's to hoping you won't be gone for too long.

Off to begin a busy weekend. Josh's birthday is Monday. His parents are coming to celebrate, but really they are just coming to see Jack. We may be young, but we're not stupid. In their defense, he is really cute.

Anyway, I picked up Josh's gift today. I'm super excited and not sure if I'll be able to wait until Monday to give it to him. If I don't, my excuse will be that I wanted his parents to see it. Sounds legit, right?

And, what would a post be without a picture, right? That's the only reason most of you suffer through these laborious postings. This is Jack last Saturday after lunch.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Say you are here to stay

Dear Spring,
Thank you for your loveliness. Your beautiful sunshine and cool breeze are what make you so fun to be around. I have enjoyed your presence the last 4 days. Hopefully my carrying on is not making some of my friends curse me. May I make a small request of you, Spring? Please tell me you are here to stay. Your pal, Old Man Winter, has given us quite the cold shoulder (okay, that pun was intended) and without an inch of snow to show for it! I know his routine. He lets you make your way in to our hearts and then pushes his way back in front for another week or two. Please don't let him bully his way back...even for a day. Please, sweet Spring, stand your ground. In return, we promise to keep enjoying you daily!

Here's proof:

Aren't these two cute?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For the Record

For the Record, I was one of those moms. You know...set good habits now, so the kid forms a life long love of fill-in-the-blank (hopefully, with something good like carrots or broccoli.) For example, no chocolate for my kid (he'd never know what he was missing), other sweets would be okay only in moderation, etc. For the record, that was before I was actually a mom...

Even chocolate on his belly, and yes I'm sure it's chocolate!

And for the record, you couldn't have said no to this face either! Just admit it!

75 & 25

Another post about numbers. Jack had his 15-month check-up today. Dr. Schulz said he looks great. He's 75th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight. So, does this mean he's going to be tall and skinny? He may look a little funny though, since 50 percent of that weight is in his thighs!

He got pretty unhappy around 5:30, just as Wednesday Night Supper was in full blast. He was running a bit of a fever. I brought him on home. I gave him some Motrin and put on his PJs and held him. Within 5 minutes, he was asleep. So, I held him for about an hour. I hate that he wasn't feeling well, but that sure was nice. I put him in the bed about 8. Hopefully, he'll sleep okay. I'm also hoping the fever and fussiness is related to the shot he got today and not him getting sick.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A week in review...

Whew...what a week. It's been a busy one. The greater part of my Tuesday & Wednesday was spent helping with the preparations for Wednesday Night Supper at our church. There are several "Supper Shepherds" or lead chefs and they are responsible for recruiting their own help each time they cook. Denise (one of the shepherds) had been asking me to join in the fun. So, I did. I don't think I'll look at my WNS meal the same way again! A lot of work goes into preparing lasagna, salad, bread & dessert for 275 people! I had a lot of fun working with the other ladies in the kitchen and will most definitely volunteer with Denise again when her week rolls around again.

Thursday night was Bunco and Merideth's birthday. So, several of us girls celebrated with cake and coffee. Like our make-shift birthday candle?

Friday seems so long ago. One thing I do remember about Friday was that Josh had been in the mood for some sushi for a few days. We decided to trek down to Gainesvegas to indulge. Jack liked the chopsticks and the huge drum by the door to the restaurant.

We spent Saturday in Athens. We headed down for lunch and met up with Stacie at Chick-fil-A. Where else, right? Poor Josh just puts up with my CFA obsession. After dropping Jack off at my parents, we headed to a matinee. I think the last movie Josh & I went to see together was Juno. We took Jack, who was probably 2 months old, and he slept the entire time. Just in case, it's a while before we get back to the theatre we wanted to pick a winner (and we did!) We saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was a beautiful movie with a beautiful story, and I highly recommend it!

After the movies, we headed back to my parents to celebrate my sister's recent engagement and also her & Josh's birthday's (a little early!) Of course, the Wii was on non-stop, and Jack even got a turn. When it was time for birthday candles, we realized we didn't have the appropriate numbers (23 for Em & 32 for Josh). As you can see we managed to improvise yet again!

On Sunday, we hit the road again. This time headed to Chattanooga for cousin Nathan's 3rd birthday party! It was an inflatables party. I think it's safe to say the adults had a lot more fun than the kids. There are lots more pictures here.

And, in case I haven't filled you in, Jack is walking now. Often times, he still prefers to crawl, but he's gotten very good at getting up after falling. Josh pointed out he looks a little like Frankenstein with his arms flailing about in front of him. We look forward to his check-up Wednesday to see how he's grown.