Why I Blog

I blog for oh so many reasons. I guess I started the blog for the benefit of my parents and in-laws. The inability to see their grandson every day was a problem, so starting a blog seemed like the easiest fix. Well, keeping a blog is anything but easy, but it certainly has been fun.

I've found the blog to be quite theraputic and now so many of my friends are bloggers too! It's so much fun to get a sneak peek into each others lives anytime we get the hankering...even at 3 a.m. in the morning!

So, here we are more than two years later and there are two growing boys in our home (three, if you count my sweet husband) and always something to write about and very little time to actually do so. But, I continue to try. Thanks for reading!

I recently stumbled upon a fellow blogger who I feel communicated it so well. Visit her here and scroll down to 'Why I Blog;' it's definitely a mommy thing.