Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Town

So, in case you didn't know, Athens is my hometown. It's where I grew up, and basically the place I have called home for the majority of my life. Ever since I left Athens about eight years ago, I've had a love affair with that town. My parents still live there, which is an incredibly convenient reason to visit quite often. And of course, I still have many friends there. The boys and I were in Athens on Friday to have the car serviced before our road trip, catch up with Mema, do a little shopping, hang with Pop and take in a little high school football. It was then, that my rose colored glasses were briefly removed.

You see, I've always loved Athens, and don't get me wrong I still do and always will. But, I've always loved it in a way that I often wish I was back there. Back there as a care-free kid or a fancy free college student or even as a family of four. I hear about all the fun activities going on and remember going to all the UGA sporting events as a kid, and assume it would be a fantastic place to raise a family.

On Friday, I took a scenic route to my parents' house and passed through downtown, the heart of Athens. Where the city and commerce meet the campus of the university. As I saw the many sorts of people you see in downtown and the hustle and bustle, I began to wonder would I really like living here? I saw so many students, which in turn just reminded me how far removed I was from actually being one. Would I really like that constant reminder? I think I prefer to limit it to six Saturdays each fall and the occasional trip to campus.

It was in this revelation that I realized Athens wasn't the "big city, with the small town feel" that I always remembered it for. It's actually a lot closer to being a "city too busy to hate." This revelation also made me appreciate that we've made our home in a community that not only feels like a small town, but pretty much is one...at least by my standards.

I'll always have a special place in my heart for A town, but I'm realizing that I'm thankful to be exactly where God placed us. I'll always enjoy my day trips down to Athens for fun with family, shopping and of course, football. But, these days I'm glad it's my former stomping ground and not my current.

There's a Party...

Waiting on the show to start.
Josh sporting his DJ Lance specs.

A few months ago, I was excited to hear that Yo Gabba Gabba's There's a Party in My City was coming to Atlanta. I quickly got tickets, but it seemed so far away. So far that we never even mentioned the show to Jack, our little YGG fan. Well, showtime finally arrived this past Sunday evening. My mom graciously agreed to watch Sam for us so we could give big brother a special day out with mom and dad.

the Gabba Gabba gang hits the stage!
I was looking forward to seeing what D.J. Lance and his crew had in store for us, but mostly I was excited to watch Jack take in the show. He was mesmerized at times, singing along at others, and up dancing and yelling sometimes too. The only thing I didn't expect was to have such an enjoyable time myself. The Super Music Friends Show guests for our show was Arrested Development, which I'm sure was a sure flashback for most of the parents in the audience. Unfortunately, they didn't play "Tennessee," but rocked out nonetheless. One of the show's staples is a segment called Biz's Beat of the Day, where Biz Markie does a beatbox for the kids to mimic. So, we were also transported back when Biz himself waltzed out on stage. And even more so when he broke into a few bars from his best known single, "Just A Friend."

A month shy of 3 years old on
his first trip to the Fox.
Another great highlight was Jack saying unprompted numerous times after the show, "that was fun!" Makes you want to do it again and again. By the way, Josh...saw there's a 7 pm show in Jacksonville Wednesday night...think we can make it on our way to Amelia Island?

You can check out more pics from our night out at the Fox.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tag...You Could Be IT!

So, sweet Julia encouraged her fellow bloggers to answer a few questions. I feel so far behind on all the fun we've been having recently that I don't know where to start to catch up. So, this post is a good way to bide my time.

1) What's your favorite room in your house?
It's a toss up. I love our master bedroom (despite the constant clutter and piles of folded laundry). It's where we start and finish our day. Me and the little guys on most mornings; the whole family on Saturday mornings; watching Curious George; or the most recent UGA game on DVR). My other favorite is probably actually Josh's man cave in the basement. Especially this time of year! There's always a game on, and it doesn't hurt that there's a huge leather couch to spread out or snuggle up (whichever suits your fancy that day), and of course the fireplace!

2) If you had to spend the rest of your life in one season (fall, winter, spring, summer), which would it be?
I'm going with fall. This past two weeks have been gorgeous! The mornings are just a bit on the chilly side, the afternoons are warm with a slight breeze, and you can almost smell the coolness in the air each evening. Not to mention football, blue jeans, comfy sweaters and new tv!

3) Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?
Mayonnaise,  no question. And, Duke's, if I'm buying....which used to be a source of contention in our household since Josh was raised on Blue Plate. But, he hasn't turned down my mayo yet.

4) What are you most looking forward to?
At this very moment, our extra long, super-sized weekend getaway to Amelia Island Plantation. Most years late October signifies that it's time to make a trek down to Jacksonville for the Georgia/Florida football game. Since the game doesn't always turn out the best for the Dawgs, we've learned to make it a mini-vacay out of it. I'll be so glad to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few days and enjoy some time with my family and catch up with some old friends we don't see nearly enough.

5) What was your favorite vacation as a child?
My most memorable vacation as a child was a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I can remember touring Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers took their first flight...Walking for what seemed like hours on monstrous sand dunes...Staying in what seemed like an old gigantic house that had been subdivided into apartments...Having the swimming pool all to ourselves...And of course, my Coca-Cola Swim Team bathing suit.

6) Books or movies?
Movies. I do enjoy reading, but movies I can enjoy with Josh sitting right beside me.

7) How do you drink your coffee? Do you even drink coffee?
Nope. Love the smell. Hate the taste.

8) What was your favorite childhood Christmas memory?
When I was in about second grade, my grandparents (along with help from my parents and aunt) surprised me with a homemade doll house. It was hidden under a big sheet at my grandparents' house when we arrived Christmas morning. It was an incredible delight...I remember playing for hours on end with that doll house.

If you're up for the challenge, here are a few questions you could answer...
1) What is your favorite month of the year?
2) Your favorite place you've ever lived?
3) Sweet or Salty?
4) Who was your most memorable teacher?
5) What makes you laugh the hardest?
6) Go to the game or watch from home?
7) If you had to pick one item from your closet to wear everyday, what would it be?
8) Worst movie you will admit having seen?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Member that?

The funny conversations just keep coming these days with Jack. If anything funny or neat happens, he often talks about it off and on for days usually followed by the question: "Member that?"

Tonight at dinner Jack says, "you member that song whoop there it is?"

Josh & I immediately look at one another completely puzzled. Josh said he was thinking 'yes, I do, but how do you remember it!' So, I said, "where did you hear that song?"

Jack looked at me very innocently and says, "from Buddy."

It was at that point that I remembered he watched Elf a week or so ago and then fondly remembered the scene with Will Ferrell's character dances in the mail room. I can't fault Jack for having a great appreciation for fantastic cinema.

Can you put a cherry on top of a cherry?

So, I'm sure I've made my feelings for Chick-fil-A clear. Hands down it's the best fast food restaurant anywhere and the best food for the money. On top of that, there are just so many little extras. Can't think of many other places that have complimentary table covers for your toddlers or will bring your food to your table so you can go ahead and sit down with your children. Who else has hand sanitizer right beside the playground or little bend-y straws for the kids (or adults...they don't discriminate) or little plastic cups of cheerios for the ones even too tiny for nuggets?

Well, just when I thought I'd seen it all and my affection (a.k.a. love/extreme desire for one in our county) couldn't get any stronger...CFA went and earned another notch in it's awesome belt. At the CFA in Commerce, I spotted a shelf in the women's bathroom with a basket of baby wipes (name brand too!) and another basket with at least a dozen diapers in what appeared to be varying sizes!! Seriously?! Could this place BE any awesomer?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Endless Supply

Surely there is something that you consider a bit of a treat for yourself. Whether it's a massage or a pumpkin spice latte, etc. What is something that provides you a bit of sanctuary and rest from the hustle and bustle? If you had an endless supply of time and money, what would you do? And don't say you'd move to the beach...I'm thinking something a little smaller scale.

For me, I'd use my endless money and time to have my hair washed and styled every day! Maybe I wouldn't appreciate my trip to the salon as much as I do these days, but I absolutely LOVE having my hair washed and of course never seem to be able to style it as wonderfully as the stylist.

So, what simple pleasures would you take advantage of if you had an endless supply of money and time??

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I know hate is a strong word, but it certainly seems to fit as the opposite of love. I recently thought of a couple of things that make me so happy. I would even go as far as to say I love them, but then there are things that are directly related with these activities that drive me crazy. So, here are a few of my Love/Hates.

LOVE saving money with coupons.
HATE 55 cent coupons.

LOVE walking to the mailbox and getting the mail.
HATE returning to the house with said mail and having to find a place for all the un-fun stuff (bills, catalogs, etc.) until I have time to give them said attention.

LOVE getting great photos and shots with my digital SLR camera.
HATE lugging that giant camera around with me to all the places that I want to capture.

Surely you have something or some things that you Love/Hate. I'd love to hear them.


So, last week Jack and I were having one of our car ride convos when I witnessed his little light bulb coming on. I had dressed Jack in a baseball style shirt with the words "Big Brother # 1" scripted across the front. He asked about his shirt.

Me: It says Big Brother #1
Jack: I'm not one. I'm two.
Me: Yes, you are two years old, but that is a one.
Jack: But, I'm two!
Me: That one isn't for your age it means you are the # 1 big brother. (Jack still puzzled looking). It means you are the BEST big brother.
Jack: Oooooohhhh!

So cute!

Monday, October 11, 2010


October has arrived, and it brought some cooler temperatures with it. They were short lived, but they will be back again soon. Although we've still had some days hovering in the 80s, most days have been pretty perfect weather wise. They are the perfect kind of days.

Perfect for tailgating with fellow Raiders

Perfect for spending time with cousins!

Perfect for celebrating milestone birthdays! Dad, I'm guessing you weren't specific enough when you wished for a Bulldog victory that night.

Perfect for pumpkins!
Perfect for afternoon outings at the park...with bubbles, of course!

Perfect for train rides with fellow choo-choo enthusiasts

Perfect for a hayride with my boys!

Perfect for basking in the glory of God's beautiful canvas. A canvas on the verge of changing all around us!

Perfect for photo posing with friends.

Perfect for watching football. Although I'm not used to having to go to this much trouble just to watch a game. I guess that's what happens when your team is struggling (to say the least).

Perfect for monkeying around with friends. Think Evelyn is having any fun?
Perfect for cutting loose and letting things slide.
So, we've been keeping very busy these days...but still been managing to get our fair share of fun too.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Who's Behind?

In the words of a popular movie at my house, Toy Story 2, Buzz Lightyear asks who is lagging as he leads the toys to find their friend Woody.

Buzz: "Who's behind?"
Slinky Dog: "It's mine."

Anyway, that's the way I feel tonight...way behind. Behind on my reading, on my photo uploading, and of course my blogging. We have much fun in the last few days as the weather has turned to a crisp cool fall. I hope to update you very soon. Thanks for being so patient with little ole me!