Monday, November 12, 2012

It yooks yike a...

Sam is a talker. He tells you everything he knows. You never know what will come out of his mouth next. One of my favorite things is that he can't say his L, instead it comes out with a Y sound.

A couple of weeks ago, the boys & I were leaving one of our favorite lunch stops, Chick-fil-A. Sam was still working on his Ice Dream cone when we began to make our way home. The cone had been gnawed into a somewhat interesting shape. Leave it to the two-year-old to put it into words,
"Mommy, it yook yike a toy-yette!"

Translation: "Mommy, it looks like a toilet!"

Well, go ahead, see for yourself. Yep, he's pretty much a genius. Now, if he could only figure out what toilets are for! :)


A dynamic duo indeed.

Fun in the Sun

We took our annual trip to Amelia Island the last weekend in October. Our agenda included some beach time, catching up with friends & watching a little football game.