Monday, January 7, 2013

Words from Pop

If you've visited the blog with any regularity, you know I often include "Words from Pop." The posts feature words from my dad, who has been writing probably since he could hold a pencil. He does it for a living, and it's always a treasure when his pieces capture sweet memories or moments for our family. Looks like Pop has bitten the bullet and is going to give this blogging thing a try. In the meantime, check out one of his recent posts:

Laughter was never far from James

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scenes from the Season

Their Point of View

The boys & mom took a day trip down to Athens so dad could get some much needed rest. In addition to some errands & visiting Mimi, we took in UGA's first gymnastics meet of the season & also the boys first. I tried to explain to Jack what to expect. He's been to Stegman on several occasions, but couldn't quite grasp what this "ball game" would be like.

Just before the fourth & final rotation, Jack made an observation: "everyone is just running & doing tricks." I told him that is what they were supposed to be doing. His lack of understanding could also have been attributed to his obstructive balloon hat or the constant snack distractions...M&M's, Cotton Candy, Popcorn & Ring Pops.

As the final gymnast stepped up to perform her floor routine, I told Jack this was the last competitor & we'd be leaving after she finished. He look shocked, "when are they going to do the gymnastics?" I explained that "this IS the gymnastics." He gave his point of view, "well, they're just doing so much dancing."

Overall the boys enjoyed their first GymDog experience. They sure liked the inflatables & balloon artist beforehand. As we exited, Sam gave his version of a recap: "we did that bouncy; that was a great idea....the gymnastics was fun....the songs was good." And, I'm sure the cotton candy wasn't bad either.