Monday, August 31, 2009

Trains, Planes & Inflatable Slides

Saturday afternoon Jack and I joined several friends and their sons at the Family Fun Fest hosted by the local United Way. I must admit I expected to leave having forked out at least $20 for food, games and whatever else they dangled in front of Jack. I left having only spent $6 and with a child who had a blast. This was a first-time event and it was so well planned and executed. Tickets, games and rides were very affordable. They didn't gouge us on the necessities was a steal. Jack had a grand time with Gus, Mack, Brit, Tate & Andrew. These boys were full speed the entire time...well, except for little Mack who just grinned at all the excitement!

I hope the event raised a good bit of money and the organizers will do it again. It was fantastic. Jack loved all the inflatables (although an older boy had to help him climb to the top of the big slide). He was a big fan of the train ride and the helicopter too. There are many more pictures in our August album, which is rapidly expanding.

After church on Sunday, we headed to Athens for a shower for my sister. It was great getting to see my grandparents and catch up with cousins. One of my cousins, Jenna, was a sweetie to entertain Jack. He even talked her into reading him a book. I think we have a great babysitter in training here!


Kim said...

We really enjoyed the Fun Fest too. Hailey even had fun, and she refused to do anything! So glad we bumped into you...even if you did have to scream and yell and wave and flail about to get my attention!

the hill family said...

Look at all our favorite & sweet georgia boys!!!! What great photos...davis & I had the best time reading this post! that fair looked amazing- go habersham. Sure are missing you folks- promise we'll let the boys rough & tumble when we get home. Hope you are feeling great!