Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jump, jump, jump!

Jack is officially a jumper! Yes, he can get both feet off the ground and is airborne. I tried to get some video, but he wasn't ready to share his talent apparently.

Here is a photo of Jack & Josh playing RockBand at Best Buy on Labor Day. I think he's ready for a set of drums...JUST KIDDING, grandparents! Don't buy him any drums!


the hill family said...

jack garrett makes me wanna jump, jump! you go boy! can't wait to see your skills soon... and davis is getting a drum set tomorrow so i think jack's grandparents need to get him one for his bday too and they could have a band!

Sarah said...

It is so cute when they learn how to jump! Mallory has to say "jump" when she does it, and it cracks me up.

Love the drums. Maybe he and I can get together for some Wii fun.