Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Full, it's still the best way to describe life around here these days. I wouldn't have it any other way. What a blessing to fill our days with visits to and from friends and family, fun summer activities and even our standard commitments (most of which have not disappeared this summer).

We spent the weekend over in South Carolina earlier this month. It was a real treat to catch up with friends from our three years spent in Greenwood. The boys and I had a great visit with the Todds and had the pleasure of meeting their new addition, Lydia. Well, at least I did. The boys were more interested in big brothers' Noah and Caleb's toys, sandbox and the hammock out back.

Later we ventured to my friend Kristie's, affectionately known as Cissy, to children of all ages. She's a born caregiver, doting on every little one that crosses her path. The boys were royally spoiled and of course loved the pool out back. We also took the opportunity to see the topiary display in uptown. Jack is already talking about his next trip to Cissy's.

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Salena said...

Looks like everyone is having fun! Like you said, full is the best way to describe life right now, but isn't it great?