Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tag Vier - Lego Meine Eggo (Day Four - Lego My Eggo)

Up and at 'em, we checked out of our hotel in Munich and spent a good little while in traffic. Once we finally escaped the city, we found a Burger King. I expected it to be a different experience, but wasn't sure how. No biscuits or croissants, instead there were muffins, doughnuts and a breakfast burger. Yes, a hamburger patty with egg, cheese & bacon on a bun. And, yes, it was quite delicious and certainly had us geared up for our busy day.

I can't believe my parents are making me go somewhere fun!
A little while later, we arrived at Legoland Deutschland. Jack was beyond excited. We had told him we were going somewhere fun with rides, but I hadn't said where. I didn't want him to be too bummed if we got rained out. Instead the overcast sky kept the temperatures mild. In fact it was a bit chilly when we first arrived, and I made Sam wear his jacket...much to his dismay. He also wasn't happy that no one would carry him.

We didn't waste any time starting in on the rides. Jack wanted to ride everything and so did little brother, Sam. Only trouble, Sam was only tall enough for about half the rides. We took turns occupying him on the numerous playgrounds throughout the park when he was unable to join us on a ride. We suffered through a brief shower that began while we were riding a roller coaster with Jack. By the time we finished lunch, the clouds had parted. We squeezed in a bit more fun before Sam collapsed on Mema. He had been a real trooper. We each grabbed a quick snack before hitting the road back to our home for the week, Heidelberg.

On the journey home, we stopped in Stuttgart for a wonderful dinner at an Italian place in town. Again the boys were rock stars with minimal whining. Our leisurely dinner did result in a late arrival home, but we can sleep later, right? How often are you in Germany??


Salena said...

The expressions on the faces of the boys (both big and small) are priceless! It looks like everyone had a great day!

Sarah said...

What a fun day! I love the picture of Josh w/the boys on the ride. Sam's expression is hilarious!