Thursday, September 5, 2013

We'll call it a First Date

Now that big brother is in kindergarten until 3:00, little brother and I eat a lot of lunches alone. Every now and then, we stop by Chick-fil-A, but most days is just a sandwich. 

On the days Sam goes to preschool, I pick him up at noon. Almost immediately he wants to know what's next. Typically, I tell him we're heading home for lunch and ask what he wants. Standard answer is a cheese sandwich. Oh, and star-shaped. And he'll add that he'll help make the star.

Today I asked him after pick up what he wanted for lunch. He said, "how about a taco?!" I chuckled and recommended we stop by the bell and pick one up. He said, "no...I want us to go to El Patron!" I considered it an invitation. So, to El Patron we went, and it was five bucks well spent. Taco for him, tortillas for me and cheese dip for us. 

Already looking forward to our next date!

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seeking.senkels said...

Sounds like a fun and cost effective date!