Monday, December 2, 2013

A little boy

You were probably stuffing your face with turkey and all the fixings last Thursday. I won't lie; we were too. But, we were also celebrating the milestone of six years as parents. Our first born, turned six, and I'm at a loss for words when trying to think about where the time went.

Six sounds so much older than five. Mostly because the preschool years are behind us. Those carefree mornings watching Curious George and pjs until 10 am are farther and fewer between. I cannot complain though, I have done my best to savor those days. And, this precious little baby of mine has grown into a curious and handsome little boy who loves learning. Just yesterday as my mind was flooded with the responsibilities looming this week, he piped in about how thankful he was that today was Monday, so he could go back to school!

Is there a lump in my throat or a tear or two rolling down my cheek as I think back to that day six years ago? Of course, that's the day I became a mom. Like most would probably admit, I felt ill prepared for parenting, despite the numerous books and articles I'd read (insert eye roll here). It really is true what they say about deciding to become a parent. It is the decision to forever allow your heart to walk around outside your body. 

As more time passes, I'm realizing that the best preparation for becoming a parent has been my faith in Jesus Christ. I have absolute certainty in God's unfailing love. His love has been so incredibly demonstrated and His plan for my life and the lives of my family members is meant to glorify Him. I can trust in His plan.

Part of that trusting is letting go of those snuggly mornings and impromptu play dates at the park. But, because God is good, those sweet memories give way to spontaneous trips for ice dream after school and listening to my oldest read. He's not a baby; he's a little boy. Besides, six doesn't sound anywhere near as old as seven, and we're still a whole year away from that.


Emily said...

So proud to be his Emmy!! Love this guy soo much!!

Salena said...

So sweet, and so true! I teared up reading this as I reflected on my own journey of motherhood.