Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Orange You Glad?

Any of my close friends or family members can tell you that orange is one color that has not been a part of my wardrobe for quite some time now. I'm just that much of a die-hard UGA fan...orange is the enemy, whether it's Auburn, Clemson, Florida or Tennessee. Well, last fall I bought an orange golf shirt from the Motherhood Maternity store in Commerce to don on Friday nights. Mind you it was off the clearance rack, but it still signified a big step in my life.

Fast forward one year and I own 3 orange shirts (2 short sleeve and a sweater for those chillier games). Josh still refuses to wear an orange shirt, but he will wear an HC shirt with orange on it. Luckily, he doesn't object to Jack wearing orange. He looked so cute in his orange and navy shirt with blue jeans this Friday night.

It was the third Raider game of the season, and Jack enjoyed his time there. We left at the half to meet Josh's parents. They came into town to watch Jack for us on Saturday. Josh and I traveled over to Columbia to attend the UGA-SC game with Chandler & Sara. It was so great hanging out with them and seeing little Noah, who is just 6 weeks older than Jack. It was a scorcher of a game and the Dawgs barely eeked out a win. It wasn't pretty, but as they say, "It's a W."


Sarah said...

A girl can never have too much orange, Laura! You look really good in it too! (:

Tell Josh not to worry, D. won't wear red!

Kim said...

I have ONE orange shirt! My grandfather would roll over in his grave (as a former UGA player!). It's a big step for those who "bleed" red & black to add "that" color to our wardrobe!