Monday, November 2, 2009


It's been a week full of costumes, unpacking, packing, flying and so much more. Thursday was costume day at Jack's preschool. He dressed as a turtle. At first, he wasn't a huge fan of the costume, but he warmed up to it. He wore it again on Saturday to the fall festival at my sister's school where I hear he enjoyed some fun games. According to his grandparents, he was a busy boy all day long barely stopping to nap.

Josh and I flew down to Jacksonville to catch up with old friends and catch a football game. Other than our already late night flight being delayed about an hour, the trip was pretty smooth. We had a blast seeing Mike & Liz, some friends who live in Charleston that we don't get to see enough. The Walshs are expecting their first child in December. Ironically, Liz & I had on the same UGA maternity shirt! We were quite the pair. We also joined up with my cousins Paul & Tammy before heading into the game. The tailgating was fun; the game not so much...but I had pretty low expectations. Overall, we were still glad we made the trip since we had such a good time seeing friends, and it's always nice to getaway. The last time UGA won (in 2007), I was actually it was kind of a relief that we didn't win (lol!) So, in case you are taking notes me being pregnant does not automatically mean Georgia will beat UF.

Tonight Jack helped me with dinner. Last week, I was looking for a way to get him involved with dinner and thought he could help mash the potatoes. He had such a good time that I made them again tonight. He is great at putting in the butter, sour cream and pouring in the milk. His absolute favorite part though is the salt and pepper. Here he is in action (and just in case you were wondering we didn't put NesQuik powder in the potatoes.)

Also, I just finished catching up on some of my photo uploads. There are new photos for the month of September (warning: I didn't take many pics in September), the month of October & even Project 365 (captions to come).


Kim said...

Jack makes a very cute turtle, glad he warmed up to the idea!

Jackson used to like to help in the kitchen too. Until one time we were making pumpkin bread and he dumped the entire bowl of pumpkin bread batter down his front. Tromatized him.

kriswalls said...

Jack is growing up! He's already helping in the kitchen. He's so cute!

Bree tried to help me with the Thanksgiving turkey last year, but gave up after she asked me why it wouldn't gobble gobble and I told her it was dead.