Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cute Little Indian

Jack's preschool hosted their annual Thanksgiving program today at school. All the parents came to watch the kids sing songs, and everyone enjoyed a meal together. I managed to snap a few shots of Jack grinning ear to ear and also shushing a crying classmate. He seemed so proud of his headress.

Once he realized the buggy had passed his mama and he wasn't permitted to get out, it was full blown misery. Here he is wailing in agony to get down and crying for his mommy. It was a bit comical. As soon as he was safe in my arms he was all smiles again...clapping and dancing along to the music. Can't believe this baby of mine will be two in just about 9 days now!!


Sarah said...

He is a cute little Indian! Hope he enjoyed his feast!

Kim said...

What an adorable little Indian! I think it's cute he wanted to get out of the buggy for his momma.... I once made them stop a TRAIN to let me off for my mom.