Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glad to See the Sun

After a dreary Friday afternoon and a downright icy, drizzly, snowy Saturday it was nice to see the sun today. Since Josh is working today, Jack & I have been trying to keep ourselves busy. Me with laundry and other mundane tasks. Him with playing, reading books and generally avoiding a nap at all costs. Somedays this big boy bed is just not as smooth sailing as you'd like it to be, but it won't be like this everyday, right?

We braved the chilly rain to celebrate a big milestone for our buddy Britton yesterday. Brit turned 4 and we all had the pleasure of pizza and fun to help mark the occasion. Jack's favorite part was definitely the candy that he so easily persuaded Tate & Derek to give him! A close second was probably the chocolate on chocolate cupcake...this mama put that at the top of her list!

Thursday I made a trip to the doctor and everything seems to be good as far as the impending arrival. My physician is scheduled to be out of town on a mission trip the week I am due, so we are planning an induction the week prior. So, if for some reason the little guy isn't here before then, we anticipate his arrival on February 17th. I was induced with Jack, so I'm familiar with the process...but I was post 40 weeks. My hope and prayer is that despite being 39 weeks, the process will go just as smoothly as last time.

I must confess that I've spent so little time preparing for Sam's arrival. The baby shower last week certainly helped get me in a better frame of mind. As other moms know, the first time around you focus on every detail of preparation and thinking about the delivery and everything else. This time I almost feel I've neglected to give this baby his well-deserved preparation and thought. Most of my preparation and thoughts about the arrival have more to do with how I anticipate Jack responding and reacting to this big change. I'm hoping this is normal...I'd appreciate the reassurance and advice that all you moms of more than one out there might provide!

It's incredibly exciting to think that in less than three weeks there will be another little person in this house, but it's also exhausting. I know that He won't give me more than I can handle, but I expect it will be challenging with two little ones. It's safe to say I've become pretty comfortable with how independent Jack has become. Once again, there will soon be one depending on me nearly every moment of the day. Oh how glad I am to have you all along on the journey with me! In the meantime, I'll try to do a better job of keeping you updated on the random happenings of our growing family.


Kim said...

Sounds like "Tater" had a great birthday!
As the author of "Mom Facts" I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't want any advice from me for transitioning from a three person family to a four person family. But I will say this, go with your heart... it'll never steer you wrong. Enjoy every moment, the second one goes by so much faster than the first.

Sarah said...

Oh Laura, when I was getting ready to have Mallory I cried all the time b/c I thought I was letting Aubrey down. He adjusted beautifully, and I'm sure Jack will too. You're just too busy the second time around to obsess about the birth like the first time. God will be with you and continue to give you the peace and strength you need that only He can give. Keep being the great mama that you are. Both of your boys will be just wonderful!

Merideth said...

Laura- my heart truly goes out to you becuase I had all of the very same thoughts that you are having right now before Britton was born. I thought- how could I ever love another child more than I love Tate? We too, were focused more on the big brother. Brit didn't really even get a nursery- we kept him in Derek's office. And you know what? He'll never know the difference. You guys will do GREAT and little Sam and Jack are so very lucky to have such loving parents. The sweetest moment of my life is the day that Tate met Brit...I cannot wait for you to experience that when Jack meets Sam for the first time.

Heather O'Dell said...

What a great post, Laura! I have been induced all 3 times and am planning to be this 4th time as well. With the girls I was induced a week early because Carter was so big and it went as smoothly as ever! I don't know anything other than being induced, so it's fine by me. I love having a plan!! I have to say that the more children the worse/better it gets, meaning you don't stress about he little things and the baby is none the wiser! Sam will know he is loved, babies are like that and you will be a wonderful mommy of two! What better gift to give Jack than a sibling! Thinking of you!

kriswalls said...

Oh, Laura the heart of a mother is an impressive thing you will be fine and you won’t be alone. You certainly don’t have time for the second arrival like you do for the first! I told Ryan if we had another one it would be a girl and she would probably have to sleep in a box next to out bed because I just wouldn’t have time to prepare anything for her arrival. Though you may feel like you don’t have the time to prepare for Sam’s arrival be assured that God has prepared for you his arrival. He started by choosing a wonderful mother and father for him and a great BIG brother.

Anonymous said...

I wish that I could sound so Godly and wise as all of our friends.....but my words don't work that way. That is why I don't have a blog I guess. Laura, you will be wonderful at having two BOYS and you will wonder what in the world you did before Sam came along. Jack will be so happy and thankful that you have given him the best toy that he will ever have! And, you will be so busy (ha!) that you won't have time to worry about how Jack feels. Soon, they will be grown and in school and you will look back and think...WOW!....that was okay! Love, Nancy