Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Friends...Crayons!

Josh & I got to witness a rather hilarious exchange last night (at least we thought it was hilarious!) Jack has just begun to use role play with his toys and animal figures. In fact, one day last week his horse and chicken were fighting and he would tell them "No, horse!" or "No, chicken!" and then the animals would have to say "Sorry." As we were enjoying a dinner out last night, Jack was playing with a couple of crayons. I noticed that one of the crayons repeatedly was sent by Jack to timeout. So, I asked him what the crayon was doing wrong...obviously looking for a teaching moment and an opportunity to reaffirm what he may be role playing. I asked if the crayon was hitting someone. Jack said that it was not. He finally said, "Push?" Pushing is one of the most recent things that Jack has learned we don't do to others, especially our friends. So, he looked at me while holding up the guilty crayon and said, "push?" as to indicate he wanted the crayon to push the other crayon again. I told him that we don't push our friends. He said, "no friends." I said almost joking, "Oh, those two are not friends?" He looked at me very plainly (almost dumbfounded) and said, "crayons."

So, my poor son felt the need to educate his mother on the difference between friends and crayons. I'm sure it won't be the last education I get from him!


Kim said...

Glad he got you straight on that one... it could have been so embarrasing!

our little family said...

ha ha! funny jack. I'm thinking you're getting ready to teach mr. sam a thing or two! miss you guys so much!!

Sarah said...

Love it! And you've been tagged on my blog! Check it out!