Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taking Notice

What better way to summarize a few funny, quirky and obviously random thoughts than a sharing them in a list of things I've noticed in the last couple of days!
  • I realized today that almost every time I reach the final bite of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, I wish there was another! PB&J just hits the spot sometimes.
  • I shutter and shift between pride and sadness when I pick up on Jack saying something correctly that he previously said incorrectly. You moms know exactly what I mean...those mis-sayings are some of their most precious creations. Just like how he says, "I do it my by self!" I almost never correct these slip-ups because they are so endearing. Just last night at dinner, he asked after he finished if he could have a "ba-zert?" It melted my heart, and he of course got a reese's cup shortly thereafter! :)
  • How can it be SO much more fun to cook for 240 people than for 4? I guess it doesn't hurt when you've got a fun group of girlfriends gathered in the kitchen to work alongside!
Stay tuned for many more random thoughts!


Kim said...

Love your random thoughts! I think my iPod will ALWAYS be called a pie-pod.

Lindsey Brackett said...

Embrace the randomness! 240 is more fun and I can't wait to eat it! and join the group next year :)

April said...

i agree, it is more fun to cook with other crazy girls who enjoy licking the cool whip containers with me and not with eli screaming at my feet. :) missed you tonight. hope sam feels better and you enjoyed your to-go plates.

black tag diaries said...

love all the funny little sayings the twins say right now... it cracks me up... my kids will have the worst grammar ever, because i'm so not correcting those cute little slip-ups.

Abigail said...

I love this! I made a specific list of Madeline's "mis sayings" when she was little. She would say "crash can" instead of trash can, and "Iplod" instead of "ipod", and her best bud "Jeb" was "Jib".