Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anxious Giver

Last Tuesday, Josh reminded Jack that they would be doing a little mother's day shopping. Josh asked him if he knew what he wanted to get me. He immediately responded, "Yes! A necklace."

That sweet boy searched over the gift garden & first selected a wrapped gift from the wedding registry area. "Let's get this for Mommy!" Josh, ever so wise, told him he didn't know what was in there (not to mention that he belonged to some newlywed couple). "But it's so pretty," Jack begged. Josh told him once he picked out a gift that he could tell the sales ladies it was for his mommy that they would wrap it for him. He eventually selected a necklace & took it to the counter announcing proudly it was for his mom. The lady asked, "Would you like it gift wrapped?" Jack said, "No, just wrap it up."

Next followed five days of pure torture for the little giver. "Is it Mother's Day today? How many more days till Mother's Day?"

Today he made sure to tell me that I should wear it to drop him off at preschool. "I want everyone to say, 'Oh, I like your new necklace!'"

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our little family said...

SOO sweet!!!! You know he had to learn that excitement from somewhere... that's awesome! :) But, I want to SEE this beautiful gift!!!!