Monday, May 14, 2012

Filling in the Gaps

We've been super busy and having lots of fun, but I'm sure that's no surprise, right?

Sam's been exploring the benefits of oatmeal facials. I left him at the breakfast table for a few minutes while I helped Jack in the other room. I returned to find him with his face in his bowl trying to lap up every last morsel.

We've been busy having playdates with our sweet friend Amelia, who's a new big sister to sweet baby Gus! Don't worry, Lindsey (& Joshua), I made sure these two obeyed the speed limit!

Who has to travel hundreds of miles for the sand and shore, when you can do a little surfing right down the street during story time at the library? 

What's better than s'mores around the fire? S'mores around the fire in your sweet neighbor's back yard. That's a recipe for a truly fun Friday night.