Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breakfast like Buddy

May I begin by saying if you've never had the privilege of watching "The Elf," starring Will Ferrell. You are really missing out. It's a movie that we love dearly in our house. In fact you may recall one of Jack's funny musings from way back when he first was introduced to the Christmas comedy.

Recently, he asked if he could eat the same kind of breakfast that Buddy has. In case you've forgotten, elves stick to the four main food groups: "Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns & Syrup." So, Josh promised him that the next time we had spaghetti, he could make a Buddy-like breakfast for his dessert. Fast forward a couple of weeks and spaghetti was on the menu for dinner. Unfortunately, I had to scoot off to a meeting before plates were clean that night, but Josh did manage to capture it for posterity's sake.

Josh swears there were some spaghetti noodles under there somewhere. I guess it was good, although he hasn't asked to do it again...yet.


Stephanie said...

Now I want M&Ms, thanks! I think this is great--

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, please don't tell my kids this, especially Aubrey, he will want this for sure. Elf is one of our family's favorite movies ever!

black tag diaries said...

omg... this.is.awesome. i'm coming to your house for the next spaghetti night!