Sunday, October 17, 2010

Member that?

The funny conversations just keep coming these days with Jack. If anything funny or neat happens, he often talks about it off and on for days usually followed by the question: "Member that?"

Tonight at dinner Jack says, "you member that song whoop there it is?"

Josh & I immediately look at one another completely puzzled. Josh said he was thinking 'yes, I do, but how do you remember it!' So, I said, "where did you hear that song?"

Jack looked at me very innocently and says, "from Buddy."

It was at that point that I remembered he watched Elf a week or so ago and then fondly remembered the scene with Will Ferrell's character dances in the mail room. I can't fault Jack for having a great appreciation for fantastic cinema.


April said...

that is great! i would have loved to have seen your faces when he asked that question. jack does have a great taste for movies. elf is one of my favs!

black tag diaries said...

totally agree... elf... one of the greatest movies ever. definitely.

Sarah said...

That is hilarious! Our kids quote lines from Elf also, so Jack is in good company!