Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Disney Diaries, Post 2 (Daddy's Birthday)

I'm not sure how many posts it will take me to get through our 9-day trip, but feel free to check out and anytime (but you can never leave...) The second full day of our trip was Saturday, which was also Josh's birthday. We were so excited to be celebrating at Disney World. Josh again had conference obligations in the morning and the boys and I goofed off a bit at the resort. Once Josh snuck away we headed for Downtown Disney, take 2. It was a beautiful, warm day. After walking around for a bit, we had lunch at the TRex restaurant, which the boys thought was pretty cool. The food was okay, and the place is pretty loud, but Jack & Sam loved the huge fish tank and roaring dinosaurs.

The park tickets we had purchased included a free add-on, which could be used at one of the Disney water parks (no, thanks) or Disney Quest, at DD. If you've never heard of Disney Quest, think Chuck E. Cheese on steroids, minus the ball pit and hamster tubes. It's a multiple story arcade, where you play as much and as long as you like with the price of admission. So, we gave it a try. I'd rate it a 5. A few games didn't work properly or were just too hard for preschoolers. If you have an older kid, who is big into video games, they'd probably love it. For us, it was just okay. We were glad we had not paid extra to do it. All that being said, the boys loved playing "Fix It, Felix, Jr.," the video game from Wreck It, Ralph. Sam also enjoyed racing as Mater, and the Star Wars pod racer was a treat for Jack.

There was lots of celebrating going on at DD since it was St. Patrick's Day weekend. There were Irish dancers, street performers and bands. It was a fun afternoon. We again returned to the hotel for a snooze before dinner. Since our bus trip to DD had been so lengthy the night before, we opted for a cab on Saturday. The whole 15-minute ride Sam kept saying, "I never been in a taxi before!" Then, when we took a van cab (rather than a 4-door sedan) back, he changed it up, "I never been in this kind of taxi before!"

Later that evening we headed over to the neighboring Polynesian resort for dinner at Kona to celebrate Josh's birthday. It was a great meal and the boys sure loved the umbrella's served in their drinks. I had called a few days earlier and arranged for a birthday cake to be prepared for our celebration. Our waitress brought it out, and we got to sing to Josh. The boys loved it, and hopefully it was special for their sweet daddy too!

We headed back to our resort to call it a night. Of course, we watched Wishes again first; it was now a nightly tradition. Jack's favorite part of Saturday were the rides at Disney Quest. Sam's favorite were the fireworks (which is probably when I asked him what his favorite thing was that day). Josh's favorite part of the day was the boys singing happy birthday to him and helping him blow out his candles. My favorite was celebrating Josh's birthday; a close second was the silly castmember who gave us a lift on his golf cart over to the Polynesian. He was a riot.

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