Monday, April 22, 2013

Disney Diaries, Post 6 (Repeat, Rest & Recharge)

With three busy, fun-filled park days with early starts and late finishes behind us, I had planned Wednesday to be a repeat day. I didn't have the day completely planned out (shocker, I know)! We had purchased a six-day park pass, so I knew we'd repeat two of the parks. My husband suggested we let everyone sleep in and catch up on their rest. Now, I'm a girl who appreciates her sleep, don't get me wrong. But, something about sleeping in at Disney goes against everything this gal stands for...namely squeezing every ounce of fun (and value) out of our time at the parks! I did agree, but by about 9 a.m., I was getting antsy, and Jack was working on his second hour of iPad activity. We finally woke Sam up just before 10. I suggested the Magic Kingdom for time's was the closest and most convenient and the crowd calendar suggested it would be a light day.

It was a cloudy day with thunderstorms threatening, but the rain held off until the evening. We went back to the rides we had skipped like Winnie the Pooh and the Barnstormer, and hit our favorites again. Of course that meant two more trips through the Haunted Mansion, Jack's favorite ride, and twice more on Thunder Mountain, Sam's favorite.

Jack had talked a big game about riding Space Mountain, but then chickened out on Sunday when he got a glimpse inside while aboard the People Mover. On our repeat trip to MK, he decided he'd give it a go after being assured it would not go upside down. So, Josh took him along. Of course, he survived, but he declined to accompany me a second go. So, I rode solo. I encouraged Jack by reminding him I did not enjoy Space Mountain when I was his age. The way my parents tell the story, the 4-year-old version of me (upon exiting Space Mountain) said, "who's idea was it to ride that?"

Later, before the rain rolled in we hopped a boat to the Wilderness Lodge for dinner at the Whispering Canyon. It was probably our favorite dinner. The meal is served family style, which any man would love. Not to mention the impromptu stick horse races that break out during mealtime. Just be careful if you ask for ketchup!

Jack's highlight was "the haunted house again!" And Sam was delighted to get to do the race cars at Tomorrowland Speedway again. Josh's favorite was dinner at Whispering Canyon and Space Mountain. My treasured memory from Wednesday was getting to ride Thunder Mountain twice, once with each of my boys!

And since I was determined to get a shot of the boys in front of the castle in their mouse ear shirts, we headed back to the MK for a quick photo shoot before bedtime. Such troopers!

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