Thursday, November 6, 2008

Doughnuts for Democracy?

Tuesday after we voted we headed down to Athens to visit my grandfather, who is in the hospital. On our way back home, we found ourselves staring at red, glowing Hot Doughnuts NOW sign. It lured us in like a moth to a flame. We resisted the urge to order dozens and requested one each. When we arrived at the window to pay we heard, "did you guys vote today?" We proudly replied we had and showed our stickers. "No Charge."

I read on Facebook about free coffee at Starbucks & ice cream at Ben & Jerry's for voters. This is something I could get used to. Can we have an election every month? (Minus the campaign ads, of course!) Some of us are really wishing for a do-over and not just for the doughnuts. :)

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