Tuesday, March 16, 2010

33 years ago today

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Today is your birthday, and I couldn't be any happier to have a reason to celebrate you and what you mean to me and the two little men we are raising. It may seem silly, but there aren't enough hours in this one day every year to celebrate you!

Thirty-three years ago today you were born. It wasn't for another two plus years that I would make my arrival in the world, but how incredible is it that God already knew he had a mate in mind for you. How thankful I am that mate would be me! I'm also thankful for the Godly parents we were each born to. Along with God, they certainly had a hand in preparing us for one another.

Did you realize that at 12 years and counting, we've been together about 1/3 of your life? I can only assume it's been the best fraction of your life...nevermind that four years of that was spent in medical school.

I can certainly say it's hard to remember what life was like before you were a part of it. I wasn't an unhappy person, but I can definitely say I didn't know just how much fun ordinary things could be. It's safe to say I've laughed many more hours, days and probably weeks of my life now that you are a part of it. Our boys are in for a real treat if they inherit our senses of humor. I hope and pray that they grow up wanting to be just like their daddy, and not just because you make me (and everyone around you) laugh. More than that I want them to strive to be caring, honest, hard-working, loving and Godly...just like Dad.

I know you won't really buy into all the hoopla and fuss that is your birthday, but this is my excuse to brag on and celebrate you!

I love you, Josh!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Josh!
We all celebrate this day with you!

kp said...

any children with anything close to your senses of humor will be my faves! happy birthday josh. You were actually in my dream last night! weird! you didn't do anything funny though.

Heather O'Dell said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday, Josh! I would say your children have double the chance of getting a great sense of humor though, you are a pretty funny gal, my friend!

kriswalls said...

Sweet Laura!
Happy Birthday Josh!