Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Celebrate Your Birthday

In case you were wondering what exactly the best way to celebrate a birthday is, here are some tips:

First, recruit some really awesome people to help you celebrate (ie, adorable kids and beautiful wife)

Second, make sure bubbles are involved. I mean seriously...isn't everything more fun with bubbles? Thanks for the fun bubble blaster, Aunt Cindy & Uncle Roger!

Third, try to squeeze in some retail therapy. Yes, it was my hubby's birthday. And yes, he likes to shop. And yes, at places besides REI and Bass Pro Shops (although those are two of his favs). And yes, I realize you hate me right now.

Finally, make sure food is involved...preferably cake or ice cream or both. Side note, awesome people celebrating alongside you will help you with the consumption of said food.

Thanks for having a birthday, Josh. I think it's safe to say...we all enjoyed your special day!

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kriswalls said...

Sounds fun to me!!! I wonder if I could pull that off on Ryan's birthday??? Oh wait! It will be Brennan's 1st b-day, maybe next year!