Monday, March 1, 2010

To Blog or Nap...that is the Question

I must admit that lately the nap has won out folks. I could definitely use Jack's naptime to catch you all up, but the last few days I've just found myself too worn out to put in the effort to actually form some sentences and post new pictures ! Anyway, things are going pretty well around here, except for my fatigue. I'm pretty tired in the late afternoons, which is probably when the late night/early morning feedings have caught up to me. My mornings (a term I use loosely to describe the hours between 9 am - 12 noon) are when I have the most energy. Anyway, I'm optimistic we'll be on a tighter schedule soon and the late night/early morning feedings won't be forever.

Jack is still in love with his little brother, although he makes it known he'd rather be held by mommy. He'll say, "baby bed" or "baby down," which both roughly translate to "ditch Sam and hold me!" The worst part is he usually says this while Sam is nursing. We've been overwhelmed by the amount of support and help we've received from our friends who have brought meals over the last week. It has been so helpful to not have to worry over dinner, especially since the 5:00 hour can be Jack's neediest time of the day.

Friday night we gave Sam his first bath at home. He wasn't a big fan of the sponge bath. He did enjoy the shampoo though. It was as if he were at the spa. Here's big brother trying to calm Sam down as he cried through most of the bath.

On Saturday, we went to Athens to visit our favorite photographer. Sam cooperated pretty well during his first photo shoot and Jack played his part pretty well...thanks to some small bribes (Granola Bites). Sue Ann has a sneak peek up on her blog. We had lunch with my parents and sister and then all went to the Georgia men's basketball game. Jack was in heaven. Despite refusing to take a nap at my parents' house before the game, he was a champ. The dippin' dots & popcorn might have helped. Sam slept through the entire hoopla. It was an exhausting day, but so worth it because we got some great photos of Sam, and it was pure joy to see how much Jack enjoyed himself at the game.


Heather O'Dell said...

Love the new photos! What a sweet family! I know you are just smitten! Congratulations!

Kim said...

Oh the joy of knowing that you'll get to sleep again one day, but they're so worth it! The pictures are awesome! I HAVE to come love on those boys soon!

kriswalls said...

Oh Laura! I can not tell you how much I feel for you! It's like sleep changes from a necessity to a reward. And as sleep deprived as mother's get nursing and caring for that sweet new baby is the best! Love you!

The pics are great!