Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Week

I should've posted this earlier, but we've spent the last week or so celebrating Josh's birthday. Yep, he's 34 years old this year. So glad to have someone older and wiser as my spouse, but mostly just older! Here's how we celebrated our favorite guy/daddy.

There had been a lot of build up about dad's approaching birthday. Jack knew his birthday was Wednesday. So, that morning I told him it was Wednesday. He yelled, "It's Daddy's Birthday!" Later, the boys and I picked Josh up at his office to take him to lunch. Jack promptly suggested, "Let's go to the jumpy place!" Since that's where all the best parties seem to take place. So, he reluctantly agreed to settle for the local mexican restaurant. Afterwards, we returned to his office where his coworkers had a cake waiting. When we left Jack gave Josh a hug and said somewhat disappointingly, "I had fun at...your...birthday party, daddy."

Later at church, a precious friend brought a delicious homemade cake complete with candles for Josh. Jack was terribly excited. Then, after a slight delay, Josh arrived home from choir practice to find Jack and I waiting up with a birthday card and gift, both hand selected by Jack.

We continued our celebration on Saturday with Josh's family. We enjoyed a great early dinner at Maggiano's, complete with tiramasu, creme brulee and a homemade birthday cake. It was a dessert smorgasbord!

I regret I didn't make the time to post on your actual birthday, Josh, but we hope you had a great one and hope you know how special you are! We love you so much, and are so blessed and grateful to have you as my hubby and our daddy!

Love, Laura, Jack & Sam

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Josh! Sorry you didn't get to go to the jumpy place!