Monday, March 28, 2011


Not a lot of out of the ordinary stuff going on around here, I managed to update our Project 365 album. Humor me by glancing through it.

In other news, Sam is almost a walker. He's getting very brave taking several steps on his own in succession and has begun to master pausing to regain his balance. It's funny that I thought he would walk sooo much sooner than Jack because he seemed so interested in cruising at what seemed like a much earlier age than I recall Jack doing so. Anyway, looks like he's right on track to meet his brother's 14-month-milestone as a walker too. He's got about 3 more weeks to do it! No pressure, little guy!

Here's brother giving him a hand.


Salena said...

Love the new pics! Chandler and Sam are right there together on walking. (I'm glad he wasn't super early like Ali Harris! I don't think I would have been ready.)

April said...

i could totally tell a difference in his walking this week from last week in preschool. he is so close! i'm sure he'll beat jack's record by at least a week.

thehollandfamily said...

I love the valentine ideas. What a cute saying. Great pictures. Enjoyed looking at them all. Especially the General Lee cake. I am impressed!

black tag diaries said...

love this picture... so sweet.