Sunday, June 19, 2011


F is for friend, because he's always there when you need him. My dad always has been. Maybe because we have a similar personality, a laid-back attitude or a similar love of writing, but my dad and I just "get" each other. It brings such joy to see my boys with their best buddy...daddy!

A is for awesome. Dads are just the best. The cat's pajamas. As far as Jack & Sam are concerned Josh is #1; he's their best buddy.

T is for teacher, because there is no one's instruction that means quite as much as a father's. I'm grateful for the guidance and direction my dad has always provided. Dad probably remembers he's the one who taught me to ride my bike, but he's also where I learned how to keep your chin up and trust God when life deals you a bad hand.

H is for happiness, because fathers bring so much to those around them. It's often exhausting to care for two small children daily, but their faces aren't the only ones that light up when daddy gets home. His arrival signifies that I've survived another day, and now it's time for the real fun to begin. I can still remember the smell of my own father's shoulder as I greeted him with hugs. He was (and still is) a newspaper man, and the smell of the ink and presses often permeated his sweaters and coats. When did I grow too old for that sweet greeting? Here's hoping my boys will give their dad the same exciting greeting for many, many years to come.

E is for excellent. Along the same lines of awesome, dads are just incredible. They draw pictures and jokes on your sack lunches. Drawings that gain such acclaim that your classmates gather at the lunch table eager to see what your dad drew today. They sacrifice space and cool points sporting a carseat in the backseat of their truck because riding with daddy is always cooler.

R is for respect, because our fathers deserve so much of ours. Not just because of how much he gives to our family, but because Josh is our guardian and protector. What a huge responsibility. I respect him so much for the role he plays in spiritually guiding our family.

Hope the special dads in my life know how much they are appreciated today and every day!

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One of Kelley's Boys said...

The smell is gone these days. No printing press here at the Enterprise. I still like giving those hugs, though