Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Pat

While we were off taking in the baseball game, Josh's mom & dad and his aunt Patsy were in route to the hills of Habersham to spend Father's day weekend with us. Grandmommy & Grandaddy get to visit every few weeks or so, but we were excited to have them bring aunt Pat along this time too!

When the boys woke up Saturday morning they were greeted by the presence of fun visitors. Jack trotted down the stairs to find aunt Pat hanging out. Later when Josh joined them, Jack introduced her saying "and this is just Pat." We enjoyed a leisurely morning then ventured to downtown Clarkesville for brunch/lunch on the square and a little walking. After we all felt like we'd need a second shower from the profuse sweating we headed home for naps.

In search of fresh trout, our evening outing was to Helen for dinner and a stroll. Another rain storm had cooled things down a good bit, and we all enjoyed some tasty ice cream. Aunt Pat showed Jack how "the claw" is done and managed to win both boys very cool bouncy balls. Another highlight to the outing were balloon animals and shapes. Jack was over the moon for his motorcycle! But more than that, Jack loved the cool gadget that aunt Pat brought along...her iPad. Saturday night he asked if he could have one for his birthday.

Our father's day was nice and relaxing. It began at church, where Josh sang a solo with the choir, which was a treat for his family (and everyone else) to hear. After lunch we lounged around, exchanged cards, gifts and tried to enjoy an evening free of other obligations. A true treat indeed!

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