Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Things

Today I was thankful for a few of the little things.
  • Ingles in Cornelia now has the 2-seater carts. This may seem silly, but I've driven to the Ingles in Clarkesville on a number of occasions just for those carts. Now, I can go wherever is closer with no cart differences!
  • One of my favorite shows is back! Hoarders premieres tonight. Josh thinks I like it because it makes me feel better about my pack rat tendencies, but I feel the opposite. After watching it, I often want to throw things away knowing that these folks must have lived normally at some point. It's encouragement to get rid of things!
  • Fun countdowns! Cars 2 premieres in just 3 days. I've got a sitter lined up for baby brother, and we're headed to the movies Friday night! Super Wal-Mart opens in just over a week. Talk about exciting!!

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Kim said...

Ooooo! Lots of exciting things going on!