Wednesday, July 20, 2011


What does 20 plus hours of summer reading look like?

After two months of waiting, asking and wondering how much longer, Jack finally got his summer reading reward today. The day we went in to sign up for the summer reading program in late May seems forever ago. Mrs. Dana, the children's librarian, was sporting a phenomenal pirate's hat. Jack noticed it immediately and wanted it. Mrs. Dana told him there were some in the Summer Reading store. I explained to him how things would work and we got to reading. It helped that Mrs. Dana also mentioned there would be ice cream certificates.

The first threshold was easy...two hours. We had that done by the time we were ready to swap our books the following week. Jack was so excited about his reading chart and what would follow proclaiming in the car, "I can't wait to show dad my pirate hat and ice cream." Those first two hours earned Jack two tickets. I scored him an additional four by bringing a donation for the Ronald McDonald house. We waltzed into the store to find the pirate hats were 20 tickets. I begged Jack to save his tickets for next time, but that was of course fruitless. I did convince him to only spend three, rather than all six. Thankfully, almost every other threshold has included an ice cream reward so I was able to keep him out of the store and from spending those precious tickets. Today we earned ten more tickets, bringing our total to 27.

Of course, we were there when the library opened at 10 am this morning.


Kim said...

Awesome hat! I can see why he was so excited to earn it!

Lindsey Brackett said...

You're a better record keeper than me! I didn't even tell my girls about it, we just read and then today when we were there and they were getting ready for the party the girls were upset I'd never divulged about the rewards. "Don't you read just because you like to?" I asked Madelynne. Of course she said, "NO!" Hope Jack has fun with that hat. Will he wear it in the castle?