Wednesday, August 3, 2011

poor kid

So, we've been gone for a week vacationing in Asheville. Once we returned we weren't quite ready for vacay to end, so we tacked on a trip to the aquarium. I'll probably fill you in/bore you with all the details over the course of a few different posts, but I think I'll ease back into blog-o-sphere with an update on my poor deprived 3-year-old.

You'll remember his persistence with wanting an iPad for his birthday. While walking around downtown Asheville one morning last week, we passed a cafe with sidewalk bistro tables. Of course there were a number of folks with laptops, notebooks, etc. He spotted that beautiful apple device and said with utter dejection, "I wish I had an iPad." As if he's the only 3-year-old that doesn't have one.

We stopped in a department store during a stop last week to scout the clearance racks. While I looked for spring/summer wardrobe steals for the boys for next year, Jack spotted a shirt. Now, I guess I should come to terms with the fact that he is beginning to want to make decisions about his own wardrobe, but I feel like I still have final say. I don't remember exactly what the shirt looked like, but it was something along these lines.
I told him he could not get the shirt, nevermind that it wasn't on the clearance was ugly! Of course, he showed it to Josh proudly. We left without the shirt. Much like the iPad, I thought it was over.

Monday while spending some time with my mom, Jack told her about this awesome monster truck shirt he found. He told her he had prayed to God that he could have that shirt and added, "can you get me that shirt for my birthday?" This kid is unbelievable!

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Lindsey Brackett said...

He's so deprived. My girls are, too. After we left the park, Madelynne said, "you know I thought today we could go get our hair and nails done." What? Are you my child? have we ever done that?