Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Apple Scrapbook

I shared some reflections about 9/11 this weekend and posted a small snippet of a scrapbook I put together following mine and Josh's trip to New York that July of 2001. Here are a few more pages from the specific day we visited WTC. Ignore the attention to detail, stickers, etc. Obviously this was before I had kids.

Scrapbook cover sketch pays tribute to a NYC skyline that once was

How can you not?

From atop the pedestal at the Statue of Liberty. Who knew that skyline would change so dramatically in 2 short months?

We waited for about 45 minutes to ride to the "Top of the World." Well worth it.

And what else would two sweethearts do while touring lower Manhattan? Pose with the Heisman...obviously!

And, of course, finish the day at the Empire State Building and get engaged...ho hum!
 Basically, just an average summer Sunday touring New York City...nothing to see here, folks.


Lindsey Brackett said...

What a great way to remember what once was. I need to dig out my pics from a high school trip. And how young does Josh look??? you look as gorgeous as ever.

Salena said...

Love this! I cherish my personal photos of the NYC skyline.