Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pancakes Are For Sharing

Both my boys are big fans of pancakes. I, therefore, am a big fan of the frozen pancakes that you zap in the microwave. Jack really prefers his pancakes with chocolate chips, and I don't often buy them that way. So, it takes some improvisation, but usually I can manage to turn a regular ole pancake into a chocolate chip pancake...albeit a bit messier than your typical chocolate chip pancake.

One day last week, after preparing pancakes, I left the kitchen to work on some laundry. I heard lots of laughter coming from the breakfast table. Sam (who had already eaten) had climbed into the seat beside his feasting big brother. And, naturally, Jack decided to share the delightfully messy pancakes with his little brother.

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Emily said...

How sweet and those boys!! Their mama is such a great one!