Monday, October 3, 2011

Pop is 61

On Saturday, we headed down to Athens to watch the Bulldogs take on the Bulldogs. My sweet sister-in-law, Lisa, agreed to watch the boys while everyone else went to the game. Well, just before kick-off Sam showed her his incredible skill of self-injury when he fell and bit through his lip. He's much better now, but had a fat lip for a while. After the game, everyone stayed to help celebrate my dad's 61st birthday.

There was popcorn, which pleased Jack to no end!

There was a teeny tiny hat, that my other sister-in-law, Kristy, had picked up at her favorite store Glitzy Chick to wear to the game.

Sam donning the hat & showing off his battle wound.

I can't figure out what tickles me more about this photo: the fact that Sam is enjoying this itty bitty hat so much or that Jack is still pounding the popcorn in the background!

We even got to share part of our celebration with my sister or Aunt Emmy via Skype. Jack enjoyed showing off the cake, and we all enjoyed singing and celebrating Pop!

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