Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cards Anyone?

I can't really remember where I first saw this a few years back, but I know I've always wanted to do my own. A couple of years ago, I trimmed and inserted photos into an album for Jack to look at, but it fell apart. But this year I vowed to give it a more whole-hearted attempt. So, why not document it?

Start with a bunch of beautiful photo Christmas cards.

Sort the cards by similar size and shape.

Use a handy corner rounding tool, scissors, glue stick and hole punch to clean up edges and trim necessary photos, etc. Then string them onto a silver keyring.

Presto! You have a beautiful book full of photos of your family and friends. Jack has already looked at this many times. I'm pretty sure it's because he's shocked at my ability to complete an actual craft.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

So impressed! Pretty soon you'll be scrapbooking with me! You are pretty handy w/that corner rounder! :)