Friday, January 20, 2012

Now I know my ABCs

I know we've done this all before, but I am again amazed at the sponge-like capabilities of my almost two-year-old's brain. He regularly speaks in such plain language that I have to remind myself he's not yet two. He picks up everything and incredibly has figured out the correct usage for certain terms. A few weeks ago, I had to tap the brakes and stop quickly as a car ahead of us made a last second decision to turn left. A couple of seconds later, I heard Sam pipe up from the back seat, "BOCKERS!" (aka bonkers!)

He loves to sing and regularly requests "We will rock you" when riding in the car. He doesn't sit still long enough to watch much, but on long rides he prefers "Coos Coos," "Fire Sam" or "Gabba." (Blue's Clues, Fireman Sam or Yo Gabba Gabba.) Most days his older brother will oblige. 

Here's a clip of him singing the alphabet. I think the thing that impresses me the most about his rendition is that he can be interrupted, and somehow remembers where he left off. I can still remember when Jack first learned his alphabet he would start over if anything messed him up. (My apologies that the video is out of focus.)

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Emily said...

precious angel!! I like how my cars game made the blog as well!! :)