Monday, January 23, 2012


Last Tuesday we conquered the four-year-old shot series, which for those unaware includes four shots. I had been dreading it ever since the fall when I took Jack to get a nasal flu mist shot. He freaked out about getting the mist in his nose, which doesn't even hurt (just a tickle.) I had to hold him down because he could not be reasoned with. Fearing I'd suffer a similar fate or a magnified one since these would actually hurt and there were four of them, I scheduled his visit for a Tuesday afternoon (when Josh would be free to accompany us.) Of course, Daddy came through and gave Jack a mantra to recite. He still screamed a bit with the third and fourth shots, but there were no real tears or tantrums. I promised big rewards for the incredibly brave big boy, and I think we delivered.

And I think little brother approved too.

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