Monday, October 27, 2008

Martha Stewart Moment

So, today Jack and I went to a Halloween party, which was a lot of fun. It was a trial run of his cute little monkey costume. I think it went pretty well. He kept it on for at least an hour. All the kids had really cute costumes, and we even got a group picture (well, sort of). My friend, Carolyn, was our gracious host and even had crafts and halloween-themed projects for the kids to do. Thanks, Carolyn. We had a blast!

Since they are far and few between I have to share my Martha Stewart moment with you. Here's a photo of the dessert I took to today's Halloween party. I'm guessing the recipe has way too much trans fat and is not organic enough for Martha Stewart (probably a little more up Paula Deen's has a stick of butter in it!), but I think the artistic touches were something to write home about or at least blog, but it wasn't without drama...

After covering some of my nutter butters with melted white chocolate, I realized I couldn't locate the tube of black icing I bought to pipe on ghostly features and to decorate my tombstones. I panicked! Enter Prince Charming from stage left. Seeing my obvious distress that the picture perfect dessert I had designed in my head would now seem pitiful, Josh stepped in. He quickly headed to the pantry and found some chocolate chips to melt. A few moments later, I turned around to find these festive ghost faces! Awesome, right? A little while later he returned to the kitchen to find me having had assembled what I deemed to be my perfectly festive dessert.

Josh: You're going to take a picture of that aren't you?
Me: Heck yes I am!
Josh: You're probably going to put it on the blog aren't you?
Me: Uh, yes...aren't you proud of it?
Josh: Well, I guess I'm proud of my part.

So, thanks Josh for saving the day!


Kim said...

Don't men say just the sweetest things!
Love the little monkey!

The O'Dells said...

LOVE Jack's costume!

Carolyn said...

What a yummy dessert. I am still enjoying it...thanks for sharing!!1