Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Buy Toys?

On Wednesday, Jack's friend Andrew came over to play for a few hours. It was actually Andrew's six-month birthday. Later at church we celebrated with 1/2 a cake. These two are a lot of fun and seem to enjoy being around each other. I can't believe they are already past the 1/2 year mark and Jack is creeping pretty close to the one year mark! Here's a shot of Jack playing with Andrew's dad's facial hair and a cute one of Andrew and his mommy.

As I have previously blogged Jack is really getting around these days. He's quite an adventurous little one and seems to find new things to play with everywhere he goes. His latest favorite toy is seen here...the door stoppers. He loves them and the fun sound they make. I'm less fond of them at 6:00 in the morning, but at least he's content.

Jack continues to pull up on everything. Yes, everything. Here are a few pictures of him caught in the act.

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Dove Wedding Photography said...

I love reading your blog Laura! Jack is just so cute. It's been fun seeing everything you are up to.