Monday, November 15, 2010

Evolving Traditions

So, I promised more on our beach trip from a couple of weeks ago...and so, here are a few images of our trip. We enjoyed the getaway more than I can remember in years past...despite the outcome of the game. On the way home, Josh and I were talking about how much this (mostly) annual pilgrimage has changed for us.

mid to late 90s - a fall break trip to catch a football game, fun with your buddies, the excitement of a new relationship, lodging just steps away from The Landing in downtown Jacksonville.

early 2000s - a quick getaway to support the team, dinner with other couples, lodging several miles from downtown in Jacksonville Beach.

mid to late 2000s - as long a weekend as schedule will allow (exceptions for pregnancies which led to skipping a year & a fly-in/fly-out wknd), shopping with old friends, golf with old buddies, halloween carnivals with costumed babies in tow, lodging dozens of miles away at Amelia Island Plantation....oh, yeah and a football game.

Anyone hungry?

Q: What's better than the park? A: A park at the beach!

He's got that wind-blown look, huh?


A dog that can blow raspberries!! Impressive, huh?

Fireman Jack to the rescue!

Who doesn't love puppy dog kisses?!?

So, you see a trip that started as a college rite of passage, became a treasured getaway from the craziness of med school and residency and then finally a fall family vacation. Throwing a few polos and flip flops in a bag morphed into packing an SUV to the guild with pack 'n plays, strollers and golf clubs. And as I stated earlier, I can't remember a time when we enjoyed our trip so much. Who says change is bad?

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Heather O'Dell said...

SO much fun! Love the pictures of your adorable family! The boys are getting so big!