Friday, November 12, 2010

On the move

So, one of the most exciting developments of the last two weeks is that our not quite 9-month-old Sam has become mobile. That's right...he figured the crawling thing out. The neatest part is he debuted his new accomplishment last Monday when Josh was watching the boys while I was at bible study. And, if you know us well, you know that Josh works every Monday night in the ER. But, last week was Judgment House, and he had requested the night off in case an emergency rehearsal was needed before opening night on Tuesday. Since his scene was full of such great kids, they didn't need the extra rehearsal...and thus he spent the night hanging with the boys. What a neat time for Sam to choose to debut his crawl!

Since we've made such a big deal of his new feat, big brother has too. Jack likes to get down in the floor a few feet in front of Sam and say, "Do our trick, Sam!" He also has said numerous times, "Look...he's crawling," (in his best high-pitched, surprised voice).

As I told my sister last week when we got to chat (don't you just love technology, at least when it works!), that he won't win any medals for speed, but he can certainly get where he wants to go. I've forgotten how fast they get proficient at it. The first couple of days it was a couple of strides and then he was done. Now, he can go much farther and has also started pulling up to his knees on things like stools, baskets, etc. He's usually trying to find a big brother toy. He's really not interested in any of the soft, chew-friendly toys of his...he'd much rather gnaw on a hard, metal matchbox car most likely covered in lead paint!


Lindsey Brackett said...

So glad he'll be able to escape from the Millie-Moo. She takes advantage of those boys sometimes!

seeking.senkels said...


Miss you guys! I can't believe that this time last year we were still in GA. I sure have missed the beauty of the mountains this fall. Trees are just now turning around here (what few of them there are). Take Care!

Erin said...

HOORAY for Sam! And for Jack for being so excited for his little bro! He'll be too fast to catch before you know it :).