Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nine for Nine

Today marks Sam's ninth month. So, I thought I'd share nine little observations about our sweet baby.

1 - You absolutely LOVE eating. Ask anyone that knows you, they'll agree. You go through two jars of baby food in about five minutes flat. Most meals we can't spoon it in fast enough to keep you happy.

2 - You spit up A LOT. Although I'm sure there are plenty of babies out there that spit up more, you spit up a lot. It's pretty much just a've managed to lovingly spray most anyone who has held you for any length of time. And since you LOVE to eat so much, that spit up is such a lovely color these days. On the bright side, I've gotten quite skilled at dodging your projectiles.

3 - You LOVE the Johnny Jumper in the nursery at church. It is hands-down your favorite thing to do when you are there.

4 - You are a wonderful sleeper. Most nights I can count on a good 10-12 hours from you. Naps are a little less predictable...some days I can get you to snooze at the same time as big brother. Other days you refuse to miss out on whatever mommy has planned to do during naptime.

5 - You have three teeth. The first two came several weeks ago almost simultaneously and are on the bottom. A week or so ago, a third made its way to the surface of your top gum. It is so funny how it has changed your little grin and certainly makes that chomp hurt a lot more!

6 - You have these funny wild hairs. Your big brother had hair that stuck straight up all over the place for practically his first year of life. You, on the other hand, have shorter hair...with the exception of these little wild, long hairs that look so funny. Your daddy wants to trim them so bad, but I kind of like them and am holding out a bit longer.

7 - You are so curious. You have just mastered crawling in the last few weeks and have quickly moved on to pulling up and finding your way into anything and everything. I really don't remember un-baby-proofing the house...but I feel like we are having to RE-baby-proof the place! You LOVE big brother's cool toys and mom & dad's fun to gnaw on. Just this evening you were showing off your skills in one of your favorite spots...
Seriously, you love this potty! Are you trying to send me a message?
8 - You've recently decided that you hate getting buckled into your carseat. You usually settle down within a couple of minutes, but you wiggle and squirm and whine the whole time I'm trying to buckle you.

9- Your big brother loves to entertain you. And you save all your best laughs for him.

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Merideth said...

Love hearing about this precious boy! And Sam, you have a friend that just ADORES you...don't let her get you into too much trouble though!