Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Want to Remember This

I find myself up late just a couple of days before Christmas taking care of lots of last minute things. I've spent most of my day in and out of the kitchen in various stages of making goodies for the Christmas weekend. I think I've finally wrapped all the gifts.

Also on tonight's to-do list was making way for the explosion of new toys that will take place in a few days when the grandparents arrive. This was accomplished by packing away most of the toys from last year. There are two categories: A. toys that might get called back into duty one day...either because Sam is now interested in said character, etc. or because Jack has realized that it is gone; B. toys that I hope to never see will be donated or passed along. In case you were wondering most of the things that sing and make lots of noise fall into category B.

Anyway, during the craziness that was today, I stopped several times to notice my two little ones actually playing together. I decided I wanted to remember that this Christmas season was the time when these two became real playmates. Sure, it takes more effort on big brother's end, but they really have begun to play together. A couple of nights ago, they were in the bath together. Now that Sam is no longer flopping around, Josh walked by and said, "there's two brothers in there playing; it's not a boy and a little baby anymore." It was hard to decide if I should be happy or sad. I had been told that watching the relationship develop between siblings was going to be the highlight of raising two boys just two years apart. It's bittersweet to see our baby Sam growing up, but it's also a joy to know what we have in store ahead.

So today while pausing to watch Jack play chase with Sam, I decided...I want to remember this.


Lindsey Brackett said...

Precious moments. I hope I remember the sweet times and not the sickiness I was struck with. Isn't bath time fun? Amelia's finally over her bathtub fear and she's a fish!

Sarah said...

This post made me all teary! (I have been a little hormonal lately though) I so often think this very thing - I want to remember this. Just the daily little things that pass so quickly. We are so blessed to be moms.