Thursday, December 9, 2010

In case...

In case you thought I forgot about my blog, here's a quick recap of a few funny things that have happened lately. We have been busy enjoying the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I really miss making time to blog, but am hopeful I will find my way back more regularly very soon!

  • Today I picked the boys up from preschool. Jack said, "I made a thing for you! But, let's keep it a secret." I'm guessing I have some sort of cute homemade Christmas gift on the way.
  • We talk a lot these days about making good choices vs. bad choices, and how good choices make Jesus happy vs. sad, etc. While loading the boys up at church last night, Jack passed gas. And, since he's a boy and a toddler it was a hilarious event. He said, "I pooted! That makes Jesus feel funny!"
  • A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of having pancakes with Santa. When asked what he'd like for Christmas, Jack promptly told Santa: "PIZZA!" I'm not really sure where that came from.
  • A week later while shopping, he spotted a really cool pump gun that shoots balls. He told Josh he wanted. Josh told him he should talk to Santa. So, we visited Santa again...this time he told him all about the gun he wanted...and also that he needed to bring a "soft gun" for Sam. (Obviously since a hard gun would hurt him!)
  • A couple of weeks ago, my mom watched the boys while we did a little Christmas shopping and took in the Georgia/Ga Tech game. My mom asked Jack if he wanted to order pizza. He went a little nuts yelling, "I don't want pizza anymore! I want the gun with the balls!"
I hope to catch you up on more at some point. Hope you are enjoying your Holiday season as much as we are!


black tag diaries said...

hilarious. good thing he got his santa order right... i'm not sure how well pizza would have traveled from the north pole...

Carolyn said...

Very cute! I just love how little kids minds work!