Sunday, December 19, 2010


I can't really put my finger on what exactly it is or the reasons why, but things seem different this Christmas.  And, I'm pretty sure it's not just because there are two little ones in our house this year.

Usually wrapping gifts is one of my most favorite parts of Christmas, but it seems I'm relying more on my hubby to do most of the wrapping this year. Instead I'm searching for boxes and bags with bows, tissue and tags.

Even my Christmas decor is different. Usually there are reminders of the season in every room of the house. I would describe my style this year as "simple, but spirited" but is that because it sounds better than "lazy and lackadaisical?"

Don't get me wrong, we have the trees (yes, in three) up and stockings hung. There's even live greenery on the mantles and doors (although not sure it's actually still living). But, the thought of getting the boxes and boxes of decorations out this year felt too daunting, much less the idea of putting it all away in just a few days. Not to mention, the constant, "no, don't touch that," etc.

Don't worry...I still LOVE Christmas. The reason for the season is enough to get excited about. Usually Jack is oblivious to the fact that Christmas is on the way, but this year he's fully aware. And, although he's pretty wrapped up in when Santa will arrive with a present...we've been talking a lot about the Savior's birth too. Tonight, in fact, we got to drive through a live nativity on the way home from church. He pointed out each and every thing he saw. When talking about stars the other day, I asked him about the star the Wise Men had seen and where it led them. He answered in an obvious tone, "Bethlehem, mommy!"

So, even though my usual may have changed a bit this year, we're enjoying this wondrous season of joy! How about you?


Lindsey Brackett said...

Wonderous, indeed. You'll have to tell me where that Nativity was so we can check it out. And "simple and spirited" is exactly what it is. No one who is lacksadaisical puts up three trees!

April said...

i think i'm going to adopt your "simple and spirited" quote. i have 3 rubberware containers filled with cmas stuff in the garage. i just couldn't bring myself to get it all out either. though i have enjoyed buying presents and wrapping them. and i can't wait for santa to come to my house!!

The Stahl Family said...

We are doing the Simple and Spirited theme too. I have so much Christmas stuff and always have a real tree, but we have barely anything out on our $7 Walmart prelit tree. Merry Christmas.